Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sometimes you get fascinated by the underside of a rock: Nightcrawler (Jake Gyllenhaal, Renee Russo)

This past weekend I watched Nightcrawler with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Watching Louis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) is like watching a maggot move onto a side of meat and go into a feeding frenzy. The more it eats, the more it wants, and it is never satiated.

He turns his too-wide eyes onto any possible feast. He starts as a bottom feeder, knocking out a security guard when confronted for stealing copper wiring. At every turn, he's trying to  get to bigger and better game. Showing no fear, he asks the scrap metal owner to hire him, giving the guy an impressive sales pitch.

I could imagine Tony Robbins being this way before he ever got big.

Turned away by the scrap metaller, Louis crawls back into the night, making his way home only to come across a wreck on the highway. That's when he sees a videographer hovering over the cops, taping the wreckage. Louis starts asking questions; that's when he finds out that the video is going to get sold. Then Louis starts calculating.

 Slowly, Louis begins to feed off the wreckage. And we get to watch the progression of his insatiable appetite.

Nightcrawler - Jake Gyllenhaal

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