Saturday, March 14, 2015

Drop-Dead Diva is Drop-Dead Fantastic (Brooke Elliott, Margaret Cho)

I am so excited--the full 6th season of Drop-Dead Diva is now available on Netflix.

If you haven't seen this TV series and you love romantic comedies with a legal bent, you will adore this show.

The premise goes like this: a ding-dong blonde with aspirations of modeling is engaged to be married. On her way to an audition, she has a fatal car wreck and ends up in Heaven. Furious, she manages to wiggle her way back to earth but ends up in the body of a bookish, dowdy lawyer who just happens to work at the same law firm as her fiancé.

For 6 seasons we've watched bookish lawyer Jane Bingham (Brooke Elliott) transform before our very eyes. She gets a sense of fashion while retaining her razor-sharp knowledge of the law, and all the while watching her pine of her mourning fiancé, Grayson Kent (Jackson Hurst). By the way, Jackson Hurst is a born and bred Houstonian and attended the Catholic high school just down the street from me--see, fate!

Jane is surrounded by a host of characters--her admin Teri Lee (Margaret Cho),  her best friend Stacy Berrett (April Bowlby) and a host of guardian angels, starting with Fred (Ben Feldman). Each episode covers a couple of fun cases handled by Jane and her former fiancé's firm.

And, every once in a while, there is a musical dream sequence.

Stream the first season of Drop-Dead Diva.

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