Friday, September 8, 2017

What to pack in your Hurricane Evacuation Bag - Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Jose

On Friday, September 1, 2017, Hurricane Harvey was headed my way and time to back a bag for a possible evacuation.

For the first time, I've published a YouTube video, giving you a "What's In My Bag", evacuation style.

Not wanting to make light of the matter, I do think it is important to know what to include. Pack light, but pack smart.

You don't want to take any more than you can reasonably carry, just in case, and know that you may have to winnow down even further from that.

Suggest you include:

  1. 2 changes of clothes
  2. extra pair of walking, water-proof, shoes
  3. 2 sets of underwear
  4. pajamas
  5. surge protector
  6. extra phone chargers
  7. extra phone batteries
  8. toiletries
  9. facial wipes
  10. Clorox wipes
  11. hand sanitizer
  12. medicine
  13. insurance records
  14. passport
  15. driver's license
  16. birth certificate
  17. legal documents
  18. flashlight
  19. first aid kit
  20. sewing kit
  21. make-up
  22. jewelry
  23. wallet
  24. debit cards
  25. extra cash
Be aware that this does not include food. This WIMB, Hurricane Harvey evacuation style, focuses on personal essentials.

I'll post another video on how I manage my documents and photographs, particularly for insurance purposes in case of another hurricane.

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