Sunday, September 24, 2017

I took my mother to see Mother!

I took my mother to see Mother!
Disturbing. Shocking. Disgusting. Leaving a seismic wake in its aftermath.

In this day and age, it is very difficult to cause these sort of deep responses to a film.

Jaded, our culture is nearly unshockable.

Today, we watch Facebook videos of police shootings. YouTube is replete with videos that go far beyond the standards displayed on America's Funniest Videos, where men die trying to videotape viral stunts.

Darren Aronofsky's Mother! addresses this virality, virility, creativity and all the attenuating issues surrounding these topics. 

Mother! is not a movie to love or to enjoy. It is not a movie that is scary or horrific, in the normal notion of the genre. This is a movie that is not even a story.

Mother! nears the mythical with its run up and down its allegorical spiral from micro to macro views on what it means to "generate." 

What is disturbing is to witness the brutality of an invasion of privacy. What is shocking is to see a woman, revered and loved by all generations and genders, beaten and demoralized before our eyes. What is disgusting is to see our religious beliefs presented so literally.

Mother! was not meant to entertain but to provoke the viewer well past the boundaries of the theater.

Taken from cradle to crater, Mother! will challenge perspectives on humanity, on society, on culture.

For what, after all, is art?

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  1. Was it a good use of your time, would you recommend it and a good friend to see it again. Did your mother like it.