Friday, August 13, 2010

Scott Pilgrim v. The World - Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (2010)

It was odd, I was talking about the movie Dick Tracy today. Remember that movie? They combined animation with real people? I loved that movie for being so innovative, smart and funny.

Well, Scott Pilgrim v. The World is very much the same.

Combining film, with comic "Batman Show"-type sound ballons--think "BAM!", "THUNK!"-- and video gaming animation and you get the idea.

The story, which I believe is losely based upon Pilgrim's Progress (tho don't hold me to that since I have not yet read it), is about Scott's battle with the evil seven exes of his new girlfriend.

Each time he takes one down, he earns the right to move on to the next level and move closer to his heart's desire.

The movie is hilariously over the top. Smart, funny and edgey, be prepared for lots of loud music and young, cultural references.

Oh, also worthy of note: the new word these days is "scandalous". I heard it no less than three times in three different movies. Plus, I heard it last night at a bar. As in, "these women are scandalous", meaning that they are edging very close to skanky. Too funny!

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