Sunday, March 29, 2009

Never Talk to Strangers - Rebecca De Mornay, Antonio Banderas (1995)

Heart Rate: YYYY

Rebecca De Mornay stars as psychologist Sarah Taylor interviewing a serial killer who takes up wtih a passionate and mysterious lover, played by Antonio Banderas.

Her father, obviously unwelcome, begins to visit her after being absent from her life for some time. And her creepy neighbor Cliff, played by Dennis Miller, keeps sniffing around, as well.

Soon Dr. Taylor begins to be stalked, receiving mysterious packages with horrible messages.

The story soons takes some suspenseful turns and I did jump a few times, making me wonder why I insist on watching these types of movies alone.

I kind of figured out the mystery towards the end but it was still a good ending.

There is graphic nudity and violence.

SPOILER ALERT: It reminded me of Halle Berry/Bruce Willis movie Perfect Stranger. Never Talk to Strangers was better executed, I think.

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